Homeroom News!
Please check our "homeroom news" page for updates and information each week. 

SNACK: You may send a snack with your student. Please make sure this is a healthy snack. No candy, please. 

Math Block   8:50-11:20
Extra Recess  10:00-10:15 (Snack Break)
Lunch/Recess  11:20-12:00
Reading/ELA Block  12:10-2:20
Specials Time  2:35-3:25

Friday Folders:
Please make sure you are looking through the BLUE Spring Creek folder each FRIDAY! Take out all graded papers and return folder on Monday! Your child's binder is also coming home each night. It contains information that is used in class. It needs to come back to school every day. 

: My  new email should be up and running. If you have been trying to email me and I am not responding, PLEASE let me know.