What does homework look like in 2nd grade?

2nd grade Homework...
In an effort to give families time together and encourage children to get extra sleep we have minimized our homework this year.  Additional homework will only be sent home if work wasn't completed in class.


Students are expected to read 20 minutes or more per night for at least 4 nights per week.  Reading logs will start coming home at the beginning of September for parents to initial the nights that their child read. Their nightly reading is reflected on their report card each quarter.  The signature must be made by an adult, student signatures will not be accepted.


IXL is the method we will use for math homework.  Each week there will be assigned math topics listed on the 2nd grade newsletter on Sunday evening.  Student have until the following Sunday (7 days) to complete the topics.  The completion of these topics is reported on each quarterly report card. 

xtramath.org is optional at this point in the year because we practice multiple forms of fluency during the school day.  However, if your child is not progressing at the rate in which they should xtramath will become mandatory.  Those decisions will be made on a case by case basis. We recommend 4 times per week.  You can purchase the App for $5 or you can go through a browser for FREE!


Spelling lists will come home in your child's Boomerang folder every Monday, unless it is a short week due to holidays.  Please help your child practice their spelling every night. Spellingcity.com is a wonderful tool for your child to use and it makes studying spelling much more fun.  Spelling city also has a practice test for them to practice.  Spelling tests are on Fridays.